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Exploring new possibilities of policy making with data and innovation


Mainstream data and innovation for policymaking and promote open dialogues to explore solutions for addressing complex policy issues in the Maldives



Apply data in the policy research and produce actionable intelligence for policy making


Embrace diversity and promote gender equality


Enable an open space to engage with stakeholders and co-shape the collective future of the Maldives


Explore innovative ways for policy design and accelerate learning through rapid testing


Design coherent policy interventions for achieving sustainable impact at scale

Our approach

The Economic Research Centre has three interlinking tracks of policy research, data analytics, and data governance.

Policy research track

We explore policy issues, articulate key policy questions, and identify strategic priorities.

Data analytics track

We map the relevant data, develop data analysis to address policy questions, translate the results into policy insights, and provide actionable intelligence for policy makers.

Data governance track

We facilitate fluid data flow from multiple sources and safeguard data governance in a responsible and ethical manner.

Data Visualization


Labour Market Dynamics in Post Pandemic Times 

Labour Market Dynamics in Post Pandemic Times

The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Employment in the Maldives