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Economic Research Centre

The Economic Research Centre, is set up by the Ministry of Economic Development, with technical support provided by the United Nations Development Programme.

We are dedicated to the development of data-driven policy research, evidence-informed decision-making, novel tools for harnessing data, and open dialogues.

We bridge global and local knowledge and expertise to create a paradigm shift in the way policy making is done in the Maldives.

We aim to support the Ministry to strengthen the capacity of anticipatory, adaptive, and agile decision-making, developing coherent programmes and policies, and promoting sustainable growth with inclusion and equality.

Aligning with the Ministry’s policy mandate, our research areas focus on trade, investment, labour, SME’s and employment.

Collaborate with us

We are keen to strengthen the intergovernmental collaboration and engage with stakeholders from private sector, academia, civil society, and international organizations to unlock the value of data for policy research and harness innovation for sustainable development in the Maldives.

Please get in touch if you are interested in exploring this journey of innovation with us.